The An Bang Professionals has announced its decision to award 2 young Anbangers with $1,000/year scholarship.  This will partly help high school seniors entering college with some future needed expenses.  The recipients are Phu Nguyen and Kathy Dao.

Dr. Dustin Huynh announced this exciting news on the ABP Facebook Group to congratulate both Phu Nguyen and Kathy Dao.  He says that it was not an easy decision to pick the recipients, as there are a pool of excellent seniors to choose from.  Anbangers are known to be top notches in academic due to their hardworking habits, inherited from the An Bang culture.  In the end, Phu Nguyen and Kathy Dao have demonstrated that they are well deserved with this scholarship.


This is the first year An Bang Professionals offers this scholarship to An Bang high school seniors with the hope that these seniors will one day be professionals and will carry on the tradition on helping the future generations. Although the scholarship is not much, it can be a source of motivation in college.

Those who applied for this scholarship or did not apply because you did not know are equally exceptional. We believe that you will excel in academic as well as maintaining a healthy life as young Anbangers. As you graduate this year to enter colleges, you will always have the An Bang community’s support.  All Anbangers will cherish your success in every step of the way.  Enjoy your summer and be ready for the next hill climbing.

Congratulations to Phu and Kathy.