In 2022,  the graduation ceremony has been taking place (face to face) with some social distancing that may still be in place in some states across the US and other countries.

This will be the second time Anbangnews has compiled this incomplete list of high school graduates to recognize how hard it was for students in the past year.  Knowing that this list can only grow, we would like to congratulate all of our graduates graduating from high school and college during this pandemic. These are the outstanding graduates who will be going out into the world to make a family life or further their education journey to continue and promote the traditional studious spirit of the An Bang people.

AnBanger High school/College Class of 2022 – Anbanger High School and College Graduates Class of 2022.

  1. Graduate: Kim-Phung Van

Parents: Chau Minh Thich and Sau-Be Dao

Graduated from: Green Mountain High School

School Acceptance: University of Colorado

Future Plan: She will be studying psychology at the University of Colorado.

2. Graduate: Diệu Quỳnh Trương

Parents: Trương Minh Khanh & Phan Thị Hương

Graduated from: Maize South High School

School acceptance: Newman University

Future Plan:  She will attend Newman University on an Academic & Athletic Soccer Scholarship. She will pursue a degree in Radiologic Technology.

3. Graduate: Kevin Van

Parents: Xe Vang

Graduated from: University of Florida

School acceptance: University of Virginia

Future Plan: Start his master’s in Urban Planning at the University of Virginia.

4. Graduate: Kyle Van

Parents: Xuan Van & Trang Huynh

Graduated from: Everglades High School

School acceptance: Florida International University

Future Plan: He will attend Florida International University and pursue an IT degree.


5. Graduate: Lina Truong

Parents: Thanh Truong & Doan Nguyen

Graduated from: Everglades High School

School acceptance: University of Central Florida

Future Plan: Majoring in Biology

6. Graduate: Andrew Ton


Graduated from: Everglades High School

School acceptance:

Future Plan:


7. Graduate: Moon Nguyen

Parent: Cuong Van Nguyen & Giang Kien Nguyen

Graduated from: Nova High School

School acceptance: Broward College

Future Plan: Attending Broward college for 2 years and transferring to a University.

While we know there are hundreds of seniors graduating this year, we do not have enough graduates’ information nor their photos.  If you or family members who would like to be on this list, please send us the necessary information to or Allen Le at