In 2021, the graduation ceremony will return to normal soon after 1 year of an unexpected interruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, the graduation ceremony has been taking place (face to face) with social distancing at most states across the US and other countries.

This is the first time Anbangnews compiles this incomplete list of high school graduates to recognize how hard it was for students in the past year.  Knowing that this list can only grow, we would like to congratulate all of our graduates graduating from high school during this pandemic. These are the outstanding seniors who will be going out into the world to make a family life or further their education journey to continue and promote the traditional studious spirit of the An Bang people.

AnBanger High school Class of 2021 – Anbanger High School Graduates Class of 2021.

  1. Graduate: Allen Le
    Parents: Phong Le & Hieu Truong
    High School: Western High school
    Future plans: Going to Broward College and getting an associate’s degree.
  2. Graduate: Van Anh Nguyen
    Parents: Lien Nguyen
    High School: Western High School
    Future plan: Attending Florida International University
  3. Graduate: Leann Van
    Parents: Chau & Be Van
    High school: Everglades High School
    Future plan: Going to Florida International University
  4. Graduate: Megan Le
    High school:
    Future plan: Attend Florida International University
  5. Graduate: Travis Truong
    Parents: Hieu Truong & Lan Le
    High School: Cooper City High school
    Future plan: Plans to go to the University of Florida.
  6. Graduate: Jenny Van
    Parents: Huan Van and Don Nguyen 
    High school: Cooper City High school
    Future plan: Attend Nova Southeastern University
  7. Graduate: Zachary Minh Hoàng Đoàn
    Parents: Thuyên Đoàn & Văn Thị Thanh Ngọc
    High School: Portage Northern High school
    Future plans: IT
  8. Graduate:Brandon Thanh Phong Đoàn
    Parents: Thuyên Đoàn & Văn Thị Thanh Ngọc
    High School: Portage Northern High school
    Future plans: Accounting
  9. Graduate:Matthew Đức Tiến Đoàn
    Parents: Thuyên Đoàn & Văn Thị Thanh Ngọc
    High School: Portage Northern High school
    Future plans: Engineering
  10. Graduate: Nila Nhi Le Nguyen
    Parents: Hai Nguyen & Be Le
    High school:  Clinton High School
    Future plan: Attending University of Mississippi this fall 2021 and major in pre-med. She wants to be a pediatrician.
  11. Graduate: Sue Nguyen
    Parents: Dao Thi Hai
    High school: Leesburg High School
    Future plan: Go to UCF and major in Biology
  12. Graduate: Elizabeth Truong
    Parents: Trương Minh Đạo & Thùy
    High school:
    Future plan:
  13. Graduate: Andrew Ho
    Parents: Shawn Sanh Ho
    High school:
    Future plan:
  14. Graduate: Justin Duc Phung Hoang
    Parents: Hoàng Tấn Dũng & Văn Hiếu
    High school:
    Future plan:
  15. Graduate:  Tracy Dao
    Parents: Tiem Dao
    High school:
    Future plan:
  16. Graduate: Jennifer Châu Ngọc Lê
    Parents: Lê Quốc Kỳ & Phương
    High school: Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
    Future plan:

  17. Graduate: Thao Ly
    High school
    Future plan:
  18. Graduate: Annie Tran
    Parents: Nhan T. & Joanna L.
    High school: South county high school
    Future plan: Going to Virginia tech

While we know there are hundreds of seniors graduating this year, we do not have enough graduates’ information nor their photos.  If you or family members who would like to be on this list, please send us the necessary information to or Allen Le at