After a long wait, the An Bang Abroad Association has been officially founded. In a second virtual l meeting on Wednesday, August 19, 2020, the Anbangers successfully voted for an Executive Board, which includes key functioning members of the organization.  Reportedly, the board members are as follows:

  • President: Dr. Long Duc Le
  • VP Internal Affairs: Mr. Phien Duc Le
  • VP External Affairs: Mr. Quyen Tan Truong
  • General Secretary: Mr. Loc Khac Nguyen
  • Assistance Secretary: Mr. Que Ngoc Hoang
  • General Treasurer: Mr. Linh Dinh Van
  • Assistance Treasurer: Mr. Thao Trac Nguyen

These key members will serve the first term of 4 years, 2020-2024.  There were 35 attendees on the meeting.  The vote was previously delayed last month.  However, this time, with the strong desire to establish a foundation for future generations of Anbangers, the committee went ahead and founded the organization.

In July of 2019, the Anbangers organized a conference in Miami where over four thousands people attended and it was a successful event.  Build on that momentum with the purpose of connecting multi-generations, the Anbangers have been rallying for this organization to be founded.  Note that, in each state or city where the Anbangers are crowded, there is an An Bang Community.  With the existence of the An Bang Association Abroad, the An Bang Communities will directly function under the new organization’s umbrella.  It is unsure of how this will lay out, as currently the new organization does not have a set of rules to officially structure its organization, a task that the new Executive Board commits to start drafting.

Facebook Group, “An Bằng Hải Ngoại 1.5 – An Bang Abroad Connect” has officially volunteered to transfer the ownership of this group to the new organization, since the purpose of this group is similar to An Bang Association Abroad.

The Anbangers are excited for the creation of the An Bang Abroad Association and are hopeful for future directions that this organization will lead the united Anbangers long-term.


Van Dinh Lang Quan