Dear An Bang Villagers,

First and foremost, we would like to express our warmest greetings to all An Bang villagers.

Although it feels like it happened recently, the An Bang Villagers Abroad Conference was held four months ago in Miami, Florida. We firmly believe that the An Bang Villagers Abroad Conference has imprinted a special mark in the hearts of those who attended the conference. Tears of joy were shed due to the beautiful smiles on your lovely faces, the impressive Opening Ceremony, the songs written and played by the An Bang musicians, and the countless reunions with each other – many of which happened for the first time in more than 40 years since we have been living abroad.

The gorgeous pictures that captured the emotional and  joyful moments have been translated into essays, poems, and reflections after you all returned from the conference.  These documents are very valuable to the An Bang villagers abroad, especially for the younger generations who were born and raised abroad.  


An Bang Villagers Abroad
45 Years of Togetherness
History – Integration – Foundation – Culture

As a component of the An Bang Villagers Abroad Conference Plan, the Newspaper and Press Subcommittee is collecting these precious documents to aggregate them into a historical book (journal) with the theme of An Bang Villagers Abroad – 45 Years of Togetherness – through history, integration, foundation, and culture.  We would like to encourage all An Bang villagers to contribute to this project by writing about the following topics.

  1. History of An Bang
  2. Journey to Abroad and surviving  in refugee camps.
  3. First settlements Abroad
  4. Essays/Poems about Parents, Loves, and Homeland
  5. An Bang Communities Abroad
  6. Success of An Bang people
  7. Younger Generation of An Bang Abroad
  8. An Bang Villagers Abroad Conference
  9. Memories(Images) Past and Present
  10. Songs about An Bang

To stay consistent with the theme, we will take the liberty of editing the articles before posting them.  We will also leave the selected poems as full texts.

Last but not least, we wish you all happiness and luck with your families and encourage you all to  stay in touch with the love of An Bang. 

Best Regards,

On Behalf of the Newspaper and Press Subcommittee

Long D. Le, Ph.D.

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