FOR IMMEDIATELY RELEASE:  An-Bang Association Abroad Will Hold a First Ever Boat Race Festival with Expected Over 3,000 An-Bang People and Friends Attending

North Miami, FL: After the successful An Bang Conference event held in 2019, the An-Bang People have come together to form An-Bang Abroad Association with a purpose of preserving the An-Bang culture in a broader scope.  Since this is the first major event after Covid-19 delay, we expect the turnout will be more than 3,000 attendees.  There will be three rounds of boat races, and many exciting activities for young children.  Traditional dishes and drinks are available for purchase at the site.  Additionally, live music will be performed all day long in between the races.

We are a group of people who migrated from a small fishing village in Vietnam, called “An-Bang” and are now settling in America and other free countries.  The Boat Race Festival has been a valuable tradition for the An-Bang Village for hundreds of years, dating back to the founding of our village.  The event takes place every 3 years to pray for a successful fishing season and to allow young men showcasing their skills in boat rowing while competing for a prize for their locality.

As of today, the majority of An Bang Villagers are living abroad.  The population of the An-Bang People abroad grows significantly everyday, exceeding the population of those who are in An-Bang, Vietnam.  The An-Bang People are known to treasure traditional values everywhere we go.  Thus, the idea of bringing the Boat Race Festival here in America has always been instilled in our thoughts.  This has now come to fruition.  We have formed an Organizing Committee, which consists of dedicated sons, daughters, and in-law children of An-Bang, who have been actively planning for this event for nearly a year.  We host this event to commemorate our forefathers, retain the tradition of An-Bang, reunite and reconnect the An-Bang People all over the states, build teamwork while engaging in paddling, and display the An Bang Togetherness.

This event is open to the public. Friends of An-Bang and the media are cordially welcomed to observe this valuable event. Time and place are as follows:

  • Time: Sunday, July 10, 2022, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Place: Oleta River State Park, 3400 NE 163rd St., North Miami, FL 33160

 For better planning, we ask the media to make pre-arrangement with our Secretary General or check in at our reception booth at the site.

We expect the weather will be hot and humid, so please plan accordingly with sunblock’s, sunscreens, sunglasses, hats, and other personal sun protective wears.

For more information about this event, please contact our Secretary General at 407-334-9318, email: