Everywhere, from An Bang, Vietnam to abroad, many associations and groups are calling on their relatives and friends to help victims of floods and storms in Central Vietnam. The Anbangers are sincerely responding to the call as if they are living up to their true meaning.  “An Bang” means peace at heart.  Whether it’s $50 or $500, it seems that the lists of sponsors are being constantly updated online, to which the lists are growing.

Over the past few days, a brutal, heavy rainstorm fell down on central Vietnam, which led to the local hydroelectricity plants to discharge water.  This created an unstoppable flood. Dozens of lives have  been lost, hundreds are still missing, and thousands others are trapped. There are many families in the midst of this poverty. Then there are people who cannot distinguish tears or flood waters that are always wet on their faces. Natural disasters are always tragic for mankind. Unfortunately, that tragedy fell on the people of Central Vietnam, where the Anbangers are a part of this very land.

Stemming from a compassionate heart which is instilled from their previous generations, the Anbangers are expressing their support for the flood victims in the most practical way: donate money to the An Bang charities so they can directly help the victims in a timely manner.

Admittedly, the financial situation in this pandemic is tight, the Anbangers can squeeze their stomachs just to find smiles in the victims who are lacking food, drink, medical supplies, and other necessities.  The Anbangers believe that helping each other in this difficult time is precious.

If you want to join with other Anbangers, please find the associations or groups that you know to express your hearts.  Below is a list of organizations and charities of An Bang that you can contribute:


Nhóm Cùng Đồng Lòng

Nhóm Bác Ái Emmauel Giáo Xứ An Bằng

Giới Trẻ Công Giáo An Bằng

Details of each organization on how to donate are listed on their letters, which are posted on Facebook. Other An Bang organizations and individuals are attempting to do the same kind act but are not listed above.  We will update as the information becomes available to us.  In the mean time, checkout the above organization’s Facebook status for the flood updates and lists of donors.

Van Dinh Lang Quan